Alumni Mix & Mingle: NYC

On Tuesday, November 5, T. Howard Foundation Internship Program alumni gathered in New York to mix and mingle.

The “Mix & Mingle” event was an opportunity for THF alumni in the tri-state area to get together to reconnect with former interns who first met during THF orientation sessions, and develop relationships with alumni from various THF classes.

Taylor Henriquez, THF ’10 and ’11, and current Public Relations Coordinator with A+E Networks, spearheaded the planning of the event. “This was a year in the making for me, and it was great to see friends–the people who will hopefully be in the upper echelon of the media industry some day.”

The group networked professionally, but for many attendees, the event served as a way to reconnect with old friends, many of whom are now employed full-time in the media industry.

Look for more alumni events in the near future, as an official THF alumni network is currently being formed.

Questions about the T. Howard Foundation alumni network? Contact LaShika Howard, Career and Alumni Manager.

First Person Alumni Spotlight: Taylor Henriquez

It was the summer after my freshman year at the University of Georgia (UGA), and like many students home for the summer, I had a part-time job: a glamorous one at the local mall. That same summer, a friend was interning in New York at a major media company through the T. Howard Foundation (THF). My career aspiration was to work in fashion journalism, and while working in the media/entertainment industry was not a career path I had ever entertained, I applied based on my friend’s involvement with T. ImageHoward and gained internship experience.

I was also adamant on never using a t-shirt folding board ever again.

The following fall, I was accepted into the THF Final Talent Pool for the summer of 2010, and after a round of interviews, I was offered an internship with A+E Networks’ distribution marketing department in New York. The responsibilities centered on TV everywhere initiatives, which included creating competitive analysis reports and tracking performance metrics. The work was challenging, but my supervisor also served as my mentor who helped me gain confidence when working with analytics.

I applied for a second internship through THF for the summer of 2011, and was offered a position in the corporate communications department at ESPN in Bristol, Conn. The department was a great match that aligned with my public relations and journalism backgrounds. At ESPN, I was an editorial contributor for their corporate blog Front Row, and creator of the column, “Intern Chronicles.” I loved interviewing story subjects and writing about their experiences working at ESPN.

In May 2012, I graduated from UGA with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and kept in touch with my managers from both of my internships. Three months later, I accepted a position at A+E Networks as the Public Relations Coordinator for the international and corporate communications departments. My roles range from managing corporate’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, to creating digital newsletters for international channel partners and program sales clients on priority programs, ratings and marketing campaigns.

It’s an exciting time to work in media and entertainment, and I am glad to have been given a nudge from T. Howard to go forth and continue in that direction.