Top Reasons to Apply to THF’s Internship Program

If you’re interested in launching a career in any business function of the media industry, apply to the T. Howard Foundation Internship Program. The final deadline is December 1.

Danielle Reed

Danielle Reed (THF ’15) interned with Time Warner Cable News. She is a senior at Syracuse University.

I was selected last year to be a T. Howard Foundation intern with Time Warner Cable News in Syracuse, N.Y. Each day for three months, I felt like a real reporter and newsroom assistant. During my internship in summer 2015, I executed two different jobs in the newsroom: multimedia journalist and administrative assistant.

My top 3 reasons for applying to the
T. Howard Foundation Internship Program:

  1. To break into the field and gain experience. The THF internship is what really helped me to gain my first real experience as a reporter in a news setting. Twice a week, I shadowed one of the station’s most experienced reporters on stories and learned how a news package is created from start to finish. This included pitching story ideas to watching it air live on the news at the top of the hour.Since the end of my internship, I’ve been motivated to continue to sharpen my skills and brand myself as a reporter. I am studying in Madrid this semester and have decided to continue packaging stories about current events and interesting people and places in Spain.Danielle Reed6
  1. To make connections and network with peers and hiring managers. THF connects you with other people, internships and jobs. We learned the importance of networking at the Summer Intern Orientation. Networking is vital because many full-time positions are based on who you know.The skills I developed at Time Warner Cable News and my summer project, creating my first professional reporter reel, were undoubtedly the reason I was offered an interview for a full-time reporting position one month after my internship ended. The company watched my reel on my YouTube. I couldn’t pursue the position because I don’t graduate until May, but I know that I am definitely on the right track.I also continue to network while currently studying abroad in Madrid, as the speakers at THF orientation encouraged all interns to do.
  1. The financial and emotional support. All THF interns are paid by their internship host companies. Also, the THF team offers support whenever interns need it, including encouragement, reminders and tips to stay on your toes and on top of your game.

Danielle Reed is a senior Spanish language and literature and African American studies double major at Syracuse University.

Scott Weiss Alumni Scholarship Recipients Named

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2013 Scott Weiss Scholarship, an annual merit-based award granted to eligible alumni of the T. Howard Foundation’s Internship Program.

The purpose of the Scott Weiss Scholarship, now in its 15th year, is to provide T. Howard alumni with financial assistance for their academic and career pursuits, including college tuition, textbooks and/or expenses related to professional development, such as professional conferences and workshops that help prepare recipients for a career in the multimedia industry. Individual scholarship awards vary, but can range up to $2,750. This year, THF awarded $15,000 in scholarships.

“Across the country, T. Howard Foundation alumni are making an impact in the multimedia industry at all levels,” said Scott Weiss, THF Founder, Chairman Emeritus and President & CEO of Speakeasy, Inc. “Since our first class of 14 interns during the summer of 1995, we have been the launching pad for success for more than 700 young adults, including those who have reached the executive level at some of the most respected media companies in the world.”

2013 Scott Weiss Scholarship Award Recipients (including current institution, expected graduation year, THF internship program year and internship host company):

  • Cristina Recino (Penn State University ’14), THF ’13, Viacom
  • Elizabeth Tillman (Hofstra University ’15), THF ’13, HBO
  • My (Roxy) Dinh (SUNY Binghamton ’14), THF ’12 and ’13, AMC Networks, Fox Entertainment Group
  • Tamara Hall (Penn State University ’14), THF ’13, Comcast Corp.
  • Breania Smith (Georgetown University ’14), THF ’12, HBO
  • Kristen Smith (Penn State University ’14), THF ’12 and ’13, AMC Networks, Turner Network Sales
  • Brandon Putnam (Georgetown University ’14), THF ’12, ESPN
  • Rene Payan (Georgetown University ’14), THF ’12, Viacom
  • Amina Smith (University of Miami ’14), THF ’12, DirecTV
  • Annie Wilson (Purdue University ’15), THF ’08, A&E Networks
  • Susan Mei (Fordham University ’14), THF ’13, Showtime Networks

All 2013 scholarship recipients are pursuing undergraduate degrees, except for Brandon Putnam and Annie Wilson, who are graduate students.

“The Foundation’s mission is to diversify the multimedia industry in positions of impact and influence. I’m proud that we can further assist our alumni in developing their skills to prepare for a long career in the field,” said Weiss.

Scott Weiss Scholarships are available to all alumni of the T. Howard Foundation’s Internship Program, regardless of year, who completed an internship with a favorable evaluation from his or her host company supervisor.

Scholarship applicants must also be undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors or seniors), or current graduate students enrolled in an accredited college or university, with a minimum GPA of 3.2 overall or in academic major and involved in extracurricular activities related to major or career interests.

Learn to Excel in Skype Interviews

Now that all applications for the T. Howard Foundation Summer Internship Program are in, we’re planning several rounds of interviews via phone and Skype. If you recently applied for a 2014 summer internship through the Foundation, we’ll contact you if you are chosen for an interview.

T. Howard Foundation staff aren’t the only ones using Skype for interviews these days, and Skyping with your prospective employers is different than having a casual video chat with friends.

To help prepare you for your Skype interviews, LaShika Howard, T. Howard Foundation Career Development Specialist, shares some helpful tips:

TEST your Skype software capabilities (settings, audio and video) before the day of your interview to ensure that the system is working properly. Be mindful of how you position your web camera; and what can be seen in the background while you’re interviewing.

REMEMBER to position your webcam/computer/laptop appropriately so that only you and a neutral background are the only things in the interviewer’s view.

PREPARE your interview space at least 10-20 minutes before the interview.

  • Make sure you are in a well-lit area so that is easy for the interviewer to see you
  • Tidy up the interview space.
  • Close windows/doors and open computer applications.
  • Dress professionally.

NOTIFY anyone who is/has to be in the room with you  ahead of time that you have an interview scheduled. If there is a conflict, try to secure another interview location.

KEEP a notepad next to you,  just in case you want to take notes. DON’T use your computer/laptop to take notes during your Skype interview–the typing noise will be a distraction to you and the interviewer.


  • If necessary, ask the interviewer to repeat the question or ask the interviewer for clarification.
  • Pause – for a few seconds to think about the question and formulate your answer.
  • Respond directly and concisely

AVOID distractions

  • Turn off or silence all electronic (phones, music, television, etc.)
  • Make sure there are no people talking or walking around in your interview space
  • Try not to fumble through your notes
  • Remove large or inappropriate signs/posters/pictures/objects from your interview space
  • Maintain good eye contact: Avoid looking down or off to the left or right at your notes more than you are looking directly at the interviewer

Before your interview, be sure to set up a test face-to-face Skype call with a friend or family member. 

Good luck!